Goal-getters Workshop


Goal Setting & Accountability Group

May 13 | September 16

May 13
September 16

Goal Getters Workshop

your Goals

Our triannual Goal-Getters workshops are collaborative deep-dive work sessions to help you identify your values and align your goals for greater success.

After your first working session, leverage the workshops that follow as an accountibiliy check-in and a space to adjust your timeline and goals if needed.

Together Digital members can leverage our online Slack community, dedicated Ask & Give Circle Coaching Groups, or our Open Topic Ask & Give Circle Coaching Group for regular accountability check-ins. Not a member? Join now.

    How It Works


    Discover what matters

    Stay motivated
    with value-aligned goals.

    • Facilitator-guided exercises to help reveal your driving values.
    • Outline goals and align to driving values.


    Create an Action Plan

    A goal without a timeline is just a dream.

    Armed with your value-based goals, it’s time to plot a timeline in your calendar.

    • Make your goal SMART
    • Learn how to leverage time blocking techniques to create time in your calendar
    • A number of tools and resources to help you with your productivity based on your personality


    Get Accountable

    You’re 95% more likely to achieve your goal if you’re accountable to someone.

    Our Goal Getters can check in at a cadence that works for them.

    • Weekly – Together Digital Members have the option to join us every Wednesday for an accountability check-in in a weekly virtual Ask & Give exchange.
    • Monthly – Check-in monthly with your dedicated Ask & Give peer circle*.
    • Tri-Annually – Join us for the THREE 2022 Goal-Getters Workshops to check in, realign, and take action towards your goals.

    * Dedicated Ask & Give Circles are a Together Digital Member benefit. Not a member? Join now.


    Plan ahead!

    Register for the May 13th and September 16th workshops here. →

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