Goal-getters Workshop


Goal Setting & Accountability Group

April 17 @ 7:00 PM ET

Goal Getters Workshop

your Goals

Our triannual Goal-Getters workshops are collaborative deep-dive work sessions to help you identify your values and align your goals for greater success.

After your first working session, leverage the workshops that follow as an accountibiliy check-in and a space to adjust your timeline and goals if needed.

Together Digital members can leverage our online Slack community, dedicated Ask & Give Circle Coaching Groups, or our Open Topic Ask & Give Circle Coaching Group for regular accountability check-ins. Not a member? Join now.

    Goal Getters was the perfect kickstart for the year and left me feeling inspired and ready to achieve! I didn’t leave with all the answers, but instead lots of questions that will help me define my priorities and goals in the weeks and months ahead. Looking forward to attending another goal getters in the future and would recommend this to anyone feeling “stuck” or wanting tangible ways to turn your dreams into actionable steps forward.
    Emily B.

    Kansas City, MO

    How It Works


    Discover What Matters

    Stay motivated
    with value-aligned goals.

    • Facilitator-guided exercises to help reveal your driving values.
    • Outline goals and align to driving values.


    Create an Action Plan

    A goal without a timeline is just a dream.

    Armed with your value-based goals, it’s time to plot a timeline in your calendar.

    • Make your goal SMART
    • Learn how to leverage time blocking techniques to create time in your calendar
    • A number of tools and resources to help you with your productivity based on your personality


    Get Accountable

    You’re 95% more likely to achieve your goal if you’re accountable to someone.

    Our Goal Getters can check in at a cadence that works for them.

    • As needed – Together Digital Members are able to check-in, share updates, and get motivated through our 24/7 online community. 
    • Monthly – Check-in monthly with your dedicated Ask & Give peer circle*.
    • Quarterly – Join us for each of our Goal-Getters Workshops to check in, realign, and take action towards your goals.

    * Dedicated Ask & Give Circles are a Together Digital Member benefit. Not a member? Join now.