A Non-Traditional Tech Journey | Christine McHone, Sr. Principal Success Manager at Slack | S1E13

Good news! It's never too late to make a career shift into tech. Take it from Sr. Principal Success Manager, Christine McHone at Slack. 


Tune in to hear the authentic career-path story of a woman who did not go the ”normal route” in tech to eventually serve as the Sr. Principal Success Manager at Slack, Christine McHone. 

Sit back, listen, and be ready to ask some questions. 

You'll also learn: 

  • Why it's never too late to make a career shift 
  • How non-traditional paths make for empathetic leaders 
  • And, how soft-skills are just as powerful as ”hard-skills” 


Christine McHone is a Sr. Principal Success Manager at Slack where the user experience is always top of mind for her; from the why, how, and what is created to best serve customer needs, to finding innovative Slack solutions which exceed their expectations. Prior to joining Slack, Christine spent more than a decade with Accenture consulting. She most recently supported clients in the social media space during periods of their rapid growth and expansion. Christine is also a real-life archaeologist and travels far and wide to visit Unesco World Heritage sites! She currently resides in San Francisco with her two children but will always remain a midwesterner at heart.

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