Unlock the Power of Your Peers

Success is something we were never meant to achieve alone. One of the best things you can do for your career is to unlock the mentorship and guidance of your peers.

That’s why our community routinely leverages peer groups and our Ask & Give Exchange to help ask for what we need in a space that is safe—without fear of judgement—and give in equal measure.

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My small group gave me great advice and pumped me up for my first formal review at my company – and I came out of it with a raise, and a few months later I received a promotion and another raise! It helped so much to talk to other women in my field about their experiences and advice, and it gave me confidence in myself, my own capabilities, and in knowing that I’m not alone.

– Indianapolis Member, Joined Oct 2020

My peer circle was a great support for me in my job search! They had great advice and encouragement that helped me through my interview and salary negotiations.

– Cincinnati Member, Joined March 2020

I was actively interviewing with two companies in early 2021 and the job seeker group was very helpful as I interviewed and negotiated my job offer.

-Dallas/Fort Worth Member, Joined April 2020

This year was a rough year for my health – physical and mental – and my peer circles supported me through making choices I needed to prioritize self-care. Also within the “great resignation” there was a lot of churn at work and talking through that and changing priorities really helped.

– Austin Member, Joined Sept. 2017

We show up for ourselves and each other.


An ask can be anything that is impacting you right now, professionally or personally.


A give is something you have to offer in the way of a shared experience, connection, advice, tool, or opportunity––but never a solicitation.

We show up

A peer circle is a sacred space created by coming together with the understanding that each participant will be seen, heard, valued, supported, and confidences will be kept.

We offer a number of Peer Circle Groups for our Members:

  • Monthly Dedicated Peer Circles
  • Weekly Open Topic Peer Circle
  • Weekly Job Seeker Peer Circle
  • Monthly Working Moms Peer Circle Group
  • Monthly Entrepreneur Peer Group (and Mastermind!)
  • Monthly Project Manager Peer Group
Ask & Give Circles

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