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Our purpose is to educate and empower women within digital to be their best selves professionally and personally. We are the network where women help women succeed in digital – and life.

Today, Together Digital, formerly Women in Digital, is nearly 1K members strong. Funded by our founding and original members, our organization is truly built by us and for us.

Our events have attracted over 40,000 women and our power network grows by the day. Most of our members are referred by each other.

The power of our network grows by the day as members trade Asks & Gives: their digital expertise and know-how, professional development insights and friendship.

After just a few months of membership, our members report they feel more confident and more equipped to elevate their career at a faster pace.

A recent survey of our members found that those who leveraged this community to find new employment in 2020 were more likely to get a pay increase (60% vs 43%) and a title promotion (33% vs 18%). They also:


Feel more confident in
their professional life


Increased their
salary or rate in 2020


Thing gained in 2020:
connections & friendships


Together Digital

Together Digital

Amy Vaughan


Together Digital

Together Digital

Alaina Shearer


Together Digital

Together Digital

Julianna Kuetemeyer

Director, Member Experience

Advisory Board

Ask & Give Advisor

Ask & Give Advisor

Deborah De Freitas

Director, Business Systems

Membership Advisor

Membership Advisor

Kelsey Rinck

Digital Brand Strategist
2060 Digital

Speaker Advisor

Speaker Advisor

Shannon Lewandowski

Design Practice Area Lead, Managing Consultant, Employee Owner
Ingage Partners

Event Advisor

Event Advisor

Susannah Waite

Senior WordPress Developer

Chapters & Clubs

Together Digital is made up of women in digital fields across North America. Offering community and content both in-person and virtual to make sure location is not a limitation of connecting or feeling supported. Below are just a few of our larger member presence. 





Cincinnati ✪

Cleveland ✪

Columbus, OH ✪

Dallas / Fort Worth

Denver ✪

Detroit ✪


Los Angeles


New York City



San Antonio

San Francisco


St. Louis ✪

Twin Cities

✪ denotes Together Digital Chapter

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