Be a leader.

Transform the digital industry for women in your area by providing a safe space to speak about—and seek out—the changes they want to see in their field, their lives, and the world.

3 Women check people in at the 2019 National Conference

Have Power. Will Share.

As a local leader, you stand as an example of the Together Digital network, which is focused on women sharing power, connections, and knowledge for growth of ourselves and fellow women in digital.

Members who support the Together Digital mission as an Ambassador or Advisor will shape Together Digital for their area by helping to plan and promote events and content. They also gain visibility in the industry, showcasing their knowledge & skills while accelerating the growth of their professional networks as National’s direct line to local members, speakers, and partner organizations.

Are you a good fit?

You work in digital.
(Product, Data, Marketing, Branding, Development, Engineering, Design, UX)

You have an active Together Digital membership.

You’re genuine, and have a passion and interest in supporting other women in digital.

You’re active in the local digital community with a desire to increase your sphere of connections and influence.

Ways to lead

Deb de Freitas checks people in at a Austin Together Digital event


Ambassadors act as the local liaison for Together Digital. They work closely with HQ to:

  • Plan, promote, and host at least 4 local in-person or virtual events (1 per quarter) that supports Together Digital’s mission in their area.
  • Help promote National and Sister Chapter events among your network throughout the year.
  • Support members by providing resources, connections, insights, or advice when able.
Together Digital leadership advisors


As an Advisor, you’ll meet with local Ambassadors and HQ—sharing advice, and making connections that help facilitate the Together Digital mission.


  • Have 15+ years of experience in digital with a strong, established network.
  • Help promote National and Sister Chapter events among your network throughout the year.
  • Support members by providing resources, connections, insights, or advice when able.


Local Leadership Benefits

Together Digital Ambassadors and Advisor are able to:

  • Earn professional growth and leadership experience
  • Improve your resume and personal brand
  • Increase your influence in your community and the national organization
  • Serve your purpose of being a woman who supports other women
  • Get early access and special discounts to National Summit
  • Receive quarterly referral rewards

Don’t forget your membership benefits, we are here for you too!

Financial & Fundraising Responsibilities

Local Leadership has no financial or fundraising obligations, but must have an active Together Digital membership status.

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Time Commitment

Ambassadors should be able to volunteer ~10 hours a month to support their local members.

Advisors should be able to volunteer ~5 hours a month  to support leadership and members.

Ambassador Responsibilities

We create space. Whether it be virtual or in-person, we offer up a safe space for each of us to connect, learn, and grow.

As an Ambassador, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Leading the planning and hosting of a minimum of 4 local events a year (1 one per quarter) (~5hrs a month)
  • Sending a monthly local newsletter to my chapter members, if I have more than 25 local members (~1hr a month)
  • Supporting member engagement in our online community (~2hrs a month)
  • Meeting with HQ and other ambassadors the first Thursday of every month (~1hr a month)
  • Sharing Together Digital events with local network via social media (~1hr a month)

If your area has 2 or more Ambassadors AND 50 or more local members, additional events and communications to members will shared among your local team (See below)

Ambassador // Members Meetup Minimum Popup Minimum Monthly Newsletter Slack Engagement
1 // ≤25 2 2 X
2 // 26-50 2 4 X X
3 // 51-75 2-4 4 X X
4 // 76-100 4 4 X X
5 // 101-150 4 4 X X
6+ // 151+ 4 4 X X
Advisor Responsibilities

As an Advisor you’ll:

  • Help connect local Ambassadors to potential speakers, venues or sponsors (~1 hr a month)
  • Attend local meetups and popups (~1 hr a month)
  • Promote local and national events within your network (~1 hr a month)
  • Support members by providing resources, connections, insights, or advice when able (~2 hr a month)
Difference between Meetups and Popups


  • GOAL: Education + Member Recruitment
  • 1-2 hour event
  • 1 per quarter (does not coincide with months of National Summits)
  • Members are free // Non-members pay $20
  • Ambassadors emcee the event
  • Panel, speaker, or workshop ending in an Ask & Give session
  • HQ helps find speakers and venue


  • GOAL: Deeper connection opportunity for members
  • Informal event
  • Members-only
  • No less than 2 a year, ideally 1 every other month (or more)
  • Avoid month’s with National Summits
  • Format it open, but be sure to do a round of Ask & Gives!
  • Format ideas:
    • Group hike
    • Coffee shop co-working
    • Brunch, dinner, or happy hour
    • Tours of new industry facilities
    • Virtual Ask & Give Circle