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July 17th, 2024

11:00 AM EST
dixie roberts headshot
Dixie Robberts

EVP, Integrated Creative Strategy

Social Media


Join us for an enriching session on navigating the social media landscape, where we’ll decode the art of identifying the perfect platforms for your business or clients. In this one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll learn:

✨ Strategic Platform Selection:

Uncover the secrets behind identifying the most impactful social media platforms based on audience demographics and business objectives.

✨ Guiding Stakeholders with Finesse:

Hone the skills to eloquently lead clients and stakeholders through the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of your chosen social media approach.

✨ 360 Marketing Integration:

Elevate your marketing prowess by seamlessly incorporating social media strategy into broader initiatives. Learn to weave it into the fabric of PR, Events, and influencer marketing for a holistic and effective approach.

About the Facilitator:

As EVP of Integrated Creative Strategy, Dixie has spent the last 8 years overseeing digital content, campaign, and influencer strategy for a wide range of clients. Notable career mentions include launching eyewear brand, Zenni into the Esports arena, helming the digital rebrand of ‘90s darling, Caboodles, and building the award-winning “Soundtrack of Empathy” campaign with pop superstar, MIKA. Before joining HangarFour, Dixie spent 3-years as a copywriter at Warby Parker.

Project Management


Transform project management and lead change with empathy! Join our Mastermind session focusing on Implementing Change with Empathy. Explore empathy’s impact, develop leadership skills, enhance communication, and navigate resistance. Gain practical insights, personal growth, and actionable takeaways. Elevate your leadership and drive meaningful change. Join us in this immersive journey where empathy meets project management.

About the Facilitator:

Kristen Isaac, MPH is the Founder and CEO of Project Solved, a dynamic change management consulting firm specializing in crafting strategic solutions for organizations looking to strategically implement change. Kristen is dedicated to transforming organizations by providing the essential tools, training, and infrastructure to cultivate thriving teams. Kristen earned her Bachelor of Science from Howard University and holds a Master of Public Health from Thomas Jefferson University.

Aug 14th, 2024

11:00 AM EST
Kristen Isaac masterclass headshot
Kristen Isaac

Founder & CEO,
Project Solved

Dec 18th, 2024

11:00 AM EST
Karen Baker Headshot
Karen Baker

Founder & President, Boathouse


This masterclass is ideal for professionals looking to enhance their design skills and leverage design for competitive advantage. Participants will explore how to apply design thinking to solve complex problems, understand essential design principles, and discover how good design drives sustainable business growth.

With 25 years of experience in leveraging creativity, innovation, and collaboration across public, private, and academic sectors, Karen brings her expertise as a marketing strategist and trusted consultant to this engaging course.

About the Facilitator:

With 25 years of experience, Karen Baker is renowned for her expertise in leveraging creativity, innovation, and collaboration to deliver actionable strategies across public, private, and academic sectors. As a marketing strategist and trusted consultant, she optimizes client engagement to drive sustainable growth.

Karen excels in competitive spaces by achieving consensus and fostering individual contributions. She aligns organizational frameworks with essential strategies to maintain a competitive edge in evolving markets. Leading her teams, Karen ensures that goals are met from concept to implementation, delivers significant results, and establishes herself as a top performer and leader in her field.

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Marva Bailer headshot
Marva Bailer

Founder & CEO, Qualaxi

Data Visualization

danielle hennis headshot
Danielle Hennis

Founder, Make It Memorable

Email Marketing

molly ruland headshot
Nicole Krug

Founder, Social Light


Mariah Magazine

SEO Consultant & Educator, Mariah Magazine LLC

Marketing Analytics

Christina Inge

Founder, Thoughtlight

Content Planning and Creation

molly ruland headshot
Molly Ruland

Ceo & Founder, Heartcast Media

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