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Together Digital immediately connects you with women in digital in a meaningful way. Join now to get access to our supportive and resourceful online community, free virtual and in-person events, peer-groups, workshops and more.

Who We Are

We are on a mission to see all women in our industry rise and succeed by sharing our knowledge, power, and connections freely. No applications. No interviews. No title requirements. You belong here.

How We Do It

Through our in-person and virtual events, peer groups, and online community we bring you what you need to succeed in digital and life–wherever you are.


2023 National Conference

Cincinnati, OH

Join us on October 17th for our national conference

Our conference is dedicated to empowering women in digital industries and addressing workplace gender disparities. This event brings together industry leaders to spark meaningful conversations and drive positive change. Enjoy workshops on creativity, finances, communication, and tech skills, and connect with hand-selected professionals in our unique peer circles. Stay afterward for Blink, an immersive light show transforming Cincinnati. Support small local women-owned businesses in the Cincinnati area and experience a truly unique event.

Want to sponsor the 2024 National Conference?

View our Sponsor Prospects.
Or Reach out to info@togtherindigital.com and we’ll be in touch.

This year I went for a promotion and GOT IT! I not only landed my dream role, but also got a 78% raise! The speaking opportunities and advice that I was able to ask for from TD helped me land the role.

Sally L.

Sales Engineer


Events & Video Library

Together Digital is a hybrid community with both virtual and in-person events nationwide. Covering everything from industry trends, soft skills development, mastermind workshops, social coffee & coworking hours, to career goal setting and more. Miss an event? We record our content-focused events for members to watch later so you can grow on the schedule that works for you.

Peer Circles

Acting as a board of advisors, our peer circles give members actionable steps forward on the things that keep them up at night. Leveraging our proprietary Ask & Give Exchange format, participants have a framework to get vulnerable and share life experiences to help shift perspective and gain self awareness—saving you hours of obsessing over a problem someone has already solved.

24/7 Community

We’re here ALL. THE. TIME. OK so maybe not all the time, but we’re pretty active. Our online community isn’t just for promoting events or partnership products. We have real conversations. Share resources. Ask for help. Network. Make and strengthen friendships 24/7/365. For you, that means a space to get out of your head and get answers without judgment, whenever you need it.

COhatch Discount

In partnership with COhatch we present a 30% discount to all members.

COhatch is a new kind of shared work, social, and family space built on community. Members get access to workspace, amenities like rock walls and sports simulators, and more to live a fully integrated life that balances work, family, well-being, community, and giving back. COhatch has 31 locations open or under construction nationwide throughout Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

The access to the network is invaluable…knowing that it is at my fingertips is incredibly empowering, calming, and helpful for when I need it.

Angela B.

Marketing Director

You don’t want to miss

Monthly Mastermind Group
Monthly Event

Masterclass Series 2024

Elevate your digital skills with our NEW Monthly Masterclass Series. Each class is a 1.5 hour workshop session that will dive into an array of must-have skills, from Design and Content Creation to SEO and Data Visualization–for mid- to senior level digital professionals. Led by industry experts. And free for members.

Power Lounge

Power Lounge Podcast

Featured power house guests
every week.

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Chapter Events

Come together with other women in tech at our local chapter events hosted by our Ambassadors.

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  • $15 Your First Month
  • Confidential Monthly Peer Circle
  • Weekly Group Peer Circles
  • 24/7 Virtual Community
  • Access to National Events
  • Membership Directory
  • 30% off a CoHatch Membership

Help when you need it

Our community is not just here for the good times. If you happen to be having a rough time, starting at the beginning, and/or just need a helping hand, reach out and we can assist with membership. Email info@togetherindigital.com


Making an impact.

Together we support women by giving them what they need to thrive outside and inside work.

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