Building Frameworks to be Heard | Hitha Palepu, CEO Rhoshan Pharmaceuticals & Author of “We’re Speaking: The Life Lessons of Kamala Harris” | Power Lounge S1E21

Learn how to own the power of your multitudes, act on and embracing your ambition, and find your North Star to guide your decisions.


If you’re a fan of books, or of reading in general, you’ve probably heard of Hitha Palepu. Palepu’s new book, ”We're Speaking: The Life Lessons of Kamala Harris” encourages everyone to find their own “north star” and celebrate their multitudes.

We are honored and excited to invite Hitha into our community of women working with passion and purpose.


Hitha Palepu is a woman of multitudes—a feminist, a lifelong politics enthusiast, a daughter of immigrants, and a mother raising feminist sons. These multitudes spill into her multi-hyphenated career as an entrepreneur, investor, writer, and speaker.

Hitha’s passion for the news and politics is captured in #5SmartReads, a Webby-honored social series that shares 5 must-read articles every day to keep her community informed without being overwhelmed. Hitha's longtime blog, Hitha On The Go, established her as an authority on lifestyle topics and gave way to her book and collaborations with leading brands such as Headspace, Google, and Northwestern Mutual. Her book, How To Pack, was published by Clarkson Potter in 2017.

As CEO of Rhoshan Pharmaceuticals, Hitha oversees financing, partnerships, and strategy for the company. Hithan also puts her money where her values are through early stage investing. A partner in Adama Ventures (her family office), she has invested in innovative companies primarily founded by women and focused on women (MM.LaFleur, Girls' Night In, Brightland, and Heymama among them). She is a sought-after speaker on politics & the news, investing, entrepreneurship, work-life juggle, and motherhood.

Hitha has spoken at The Riveter Summit, Fohr, Global Brands Group and was selected to speak at SXSW 2020. She is represented by AllRaise's Visionary Voices speakers bureau.

In her most recent book called We're Speaking: The Life Lessons of Kamala Harris: How to Use Your Voice, Be Assertive, and Own Your Story, she connects illuminating stories from Harris’ unique biography with tactical advice on the importance of being assertive and true to yourself in your personal life and work alike.

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