Finding Love, Voice-First | Taly Matiteyahu, Blink CoFounder & CEO | Power Lounge S1E2

Join us as we talk:

  • career changes, 
  • what Taly is building at Blink, 
  • what its like to be female founder, 
  • being a woman in tech generally, 
  • transitioning into product management, 
  • building a platform that allows people to make deeper connections, 
  • and so much more!


Taly Matiteyahu is the cofounder and CEO of Blink, a voice-first speed dating app, which was inspired by a revelatory experience at a blackout restaurant where Taly befriended fellow diners and felt the power of connecting with others free of looks-driven assumptions.

Taly obtained her Bachelor’s degree from New York University before earning her J.D. from Columbia Law School in 2015. After working at a big law firm in NYC, Taly left legal practice for a more dynamic and innovative role in legal operations, first at Datadog and then at Netflix, before transitioning to work as a Product Manager at a legal tech company.

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