How To Drive And Embrance Change | Daphne Leger | Power Lounge S2 E28


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Change is an inevitable part of life, wouldn't you say? Yet, we often view it as an unwelcome guest. We're turning this belief on its head in our latest episode with Daphne Leger, the change-embracing powerhouse and founder of Atravida. Daphne offers insights into her intriguing journey where she became addicted to change and even launched her entrepreneurial venture amidst a global pandemic. She makes a compelling case for reframing how we perceive change and innovation, providing an invaluable perspective for anyone seeking personal or professional growth.

The episode takes an exciting turn as we tackle the concept of 'micro-dosing', a unique approach of implementing small changes to spark tremendous transformation. Daphne shares actionable advice on forming new habits, overcoming resistance, and navigating through the tumultuous sea of change. You'll also find food for thought in our discussions about challenging routines and adding variety to our lives. It's about time we ditched the monotony and stimulated our brains with new experiences, wouldn't you agree?

Our dialogue with Daphne takes us further into the realm of future-thinking, design thinking, lean startup, and change management. She paints a vivid picture of how these key principles can help capitalize on change and thrive in our dynamic innovation landscape. Encouraging us to stay curious, flexible, and open to new ideas, Daphne highlights the importance of reinventing oneself. Prepare to be enlightened as we uncover the profound link between change and innovation, and how you can master the skill of embracing it. This is not just another conversation—it's a stepping stone towards a transformative perception of change.

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