How to Make a Career Change | Kristen Zavo, Executive Coach & Author of “Job Joy” | Power Lounge S1E10

Make a career change and not lose your mind?! Join us along with Job Joy author and speaker Kristen Zavo.


Join us along with the delightful and uplifting, Kristen Zavo, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author of Job Joy as we discuss:


  • It's never too late to change directions in your career.
  • Your story is your superpower.
  • When you're in an aligned job, the whole world benefits


Kristen Zavo is a Career Coach, Keynote Speaker, and the Best-Selling author of ”Job Joy: Your Guide to Success, Meaning, and Happiness in Your Career.”

Before launching her coaching practice, Kristen spent nearly two decades in traditional corporate jobs (including time in investment banking, consulting, and industry), working for some of the top Fortune 500 companies such as Lehman Brothers, NBC, and Luxottica whose well-known brands include Oakley and RayBan.

She is on a mission to help unfulfilled high achievers land jobs, launch businesses, and build careers (and lives!) they absolutely love, and on their own terms.

Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo News, Real Simple, CBS News, and on WGN9 Chicago's Back to Work TV segment – as well as on radio, podcasts, and stages covering career, success, and finding life’s purpose

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