Let’s Reclaim Your Power | Lauren Krasnodemski, Privacy Attorney & Author of Reclaim Your Power | Power Lounge S2E4

Learn how to slow down to speed back up with more peace, passion, and purpose. Exploration awaits you.


What does it mean to reclaim your power? Slowing down to speed back up with more peace, passion, and purpose. Listen in as we explore the power of self-discovery and how you can allow your passions and purpose to discover you.

Three things you'll take away:

  • You get to reclaim your power daily
  • Your mind is like a muscle, you get to exercise it regularly so you can stay connected to your heart-space
  • And, there is power in the pause


Lauren Krasnodembski is the creator of the Mind Muscle Motivator, LLC, a transformational wellness company that guides busy, driven women to step into their life with peace, passion, and purpose. She does this through her creative writing, speaking, and experiential workshops and retreats. Lauren believes your mind is like a muscle that gets to be exercised regularly so that you can live with fulfillment from your heart space. Lauren is the author of Reclaim Your Power: A Guide To Allow Your Passions and Purpose To Discover YOU! She is married to her high school sweetheart, is blessed with two children, and worked her way up as a private attorney for a Fortune 100 company. Lauren can be found on the water and enjoys meeting new people, eating delicious food, and spreading light and love to herself and others.

Learn more about Lauren and reclaiming your power visit https://letsreclaimyourpower.com/

Follow Lauren on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mind_muscle_motivator/

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