Managing Money And Your Emotions | Christine Luken | Power Lounge S2 E26

Unravel the emotional complexities of money in our event, ”Managing Money and Your Emotions.”


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Ever wondered how your emotional health might be influencing your financial decisions? We've got Christine Luken, a financial dignity coach, on our show to delve into this intricate relationship. Christine shares her personal journey of hitting rock bottom financially in her mid-twenties, despite having an accounting degree. In sharing her story, she unravels how our emotions and experiences shape our financial habits and decisions.

Christine explores topics such as hedonic adaptation, the role of pleasure purchasing, and the dangers of debt. She emphasizes the need for a comprehensive understanding of our financial habits, looking beyond the numbers to the deeper layers of our relationship with money. Marie shares practical strategies to identify and overcome money triggers, create sustainable changes in spending habits, and manage finances for happiness and less stress.

Beyond the practical tips and strategies, our conversation with Christine highlights the importance of a clear vision in financial planning and how managing our money properly can provide a sense of safety and security. We get into some serious discussions about the value of pleasure purchasing, the dangers of debt, and the role our upbringing plays in shaping our views of money. Join us for this enlightening conversation as we redefine the meaning of financial well-being and happiness.

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