People Are Complicated | Kirsten Moorefield, Co-Founder & COO of | Power Lounge S1E6

Learn how understanding our differences can lead to better workplace cultures and better work with Kirsten Moorefield of


What are some of the most common differences between co-workers that make us so complicated? How do our differences change the way we work, communicate, and listen? And, most importantly how can understnading that people are complicated create a better workplace with better outcomes.

Listen in to find out and also learn:

  • When you notice tension in a conversation/relationship, it could be a signpost of different strengths.
  • Everyone has value.
  • Everyone can nudge culture towards openness and safety, allowing us to solve problems together more enjoyably and powerfully.


Kirsten Moorefield believes that work can actually be a good thing. She’s spent countless hours with hundreds of teams from startups to Fortune 100s, observing a clear pattern behind the happiest and most effective people. That's what led Kirsten and her co-founder, Darrin Murriner to start — a SaaS platform that provides automated team coaching, empowering teams to do their best work together. After it's launch in October 2018, Cloverleaf has quickly grown to over 1 million users, serving some of the world’s most valuable organizations to engage their teams and improve performance. While building this new venture, Kirsten has also been building her young family in Cincinnati, Ohio where she lives with her husband and two young kids.

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