Real Talk: Working Moms | Erica Ballard, Founder & CEO of retainHER | Power Lounge S1E14

Let's take an honest look at the systems and individual mindsets that hold moms back and what they can do about it.


It started with a very honest and relatable LinkedIn post, see it HERE. Never have we ever seen something so raw and so real regarding the realities of motherhood as this. And we immediately wanted more. So, please help us welcome Speaker, Coach, and Founder of retainHER.

Sit back, listen, and be ready to ask some questions.

You'll also learn:

  • Working moms are an asset
  • The systems are set up for men / ideal worker
  • We can build a system where all women can succeed


Meet Erica Ballard. A woman who jumped from job to job – hoping to find a company that let her be herself while doing work that mattered. She never found that place, which is why she left the corporate world to start a business to change that for other women.

In addition to retainHER, Erica runs a successful life and career coaching practice. Prior to working for herself, Erica spent ten years in the public health sector. She has a MS from Tufts University School of Medicine and got her BA in Journalism from Indiana University. While a Hoosier at heart, Erica currently lives in Denver with her husband, daughter, and pup.

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