(Re)Building Your Leadership Identity and Brand| Katie O’Malley | Power Lounge S2E19

Discover how to break free from limiting narratives and construct a new story that propels your self-confidence and personal power.


What if we told you that navigating your career path and avoiding burnout was within your reach? That's the promise we're making to you today as we sit down with Katie O'Malley, founder and principal coach of EnCourage Coaching. Katie candidly shares her journey from working on political campaigns to becoming an entrepreneur, and how she had to redefine her values and refocus her career after finding herself in a work environment that negatively impacted her mental health. We delve into how she now leverages her experiences to help others navigate their own career paths.

In our insightful conversation with Katie, we dive into the world of leadership development, going beyond just titles and positions. We explore how anyone can cultivate these skills and discuss the importance of self-awareness and advocacy in leadership. Our discussion also covers the key elements of workplace culture, such as investing in employees for long-term returns and creating an environment of psychological safety that encourages innovation.

Finally, Katie enlightened us with knowledge on strategies for building confidence and advocating for ourselves in the workplace. She shares her insights from her experience with the Me Too movement and the Times Up Foundation. We rounded up the conversation by emphasizing the power of language and vocabulary in understanding our personal growth and leadership journey. This chat with Katie is bound to leave you inspired and ready to take charge of your career and leadership path. Don't miss out on this empowering episode.

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