So You Want To Create a TED Talk | Alison Macondray, President & CoFounder of Alimat | Power Lounge S1E8

Is doing a Ted Talk your bucket list? Learn the ins and outs, dos and don'ts of creating a Ted or TedX talk.

Join for an animated convo about techniques that have helped Alison's clients earn millions of views and step into this larger arena.

We’ll cover such topics as:

  • Elements of any great TED talk
  • The importance of a through-line
  • And, how to answer the question “why me”?

You'll also takeaway:

  • Strategies to frame your expertise: the unique genius and POV that’s all your own
  • Tips for building your narrative around a key idea
  • How to use your talk as an activating agent: What do you want your audience to know, believe, and do?


Alison Macondray is co-founder and resident “Midwife to Genius” at Alimat (, a boutique presentation studio. She helps speakers craft and communicates their big ideas, delivering presentations that move their audience from awareness to action. She’s created scores of TED and TEDx talks, collaborating with speakers from initial concept to the moment they step onstage. Her work has helped clients earn millions of views worldwide and solidify their expertise, grow their ventures, and attract their “right people.” A Bay Area native, Alison lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and creative partner, designer and artist Matthew Clark.

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