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Welcome to The Power Lounge, your go-to place for engaging conversations in the digital world. In this episode, our host, Amy Vaughn, delves into strategic partnerships with the insightful Bridget Murphy. Discover the importance of authentic generosity and reciprocity in building enduring relationships, both personal and professional. Bridget draws from her Disney background and entrepreneurial journey with Envision to share invaluable tips on effective partnership building. We'll explore understanding customer values, work-life balance, challenges faced by women in the workplace, marketing trends, partner marketing evolution, and fearless networking. Get ready for engaging book suggestions, negotiation tactics, and motivating success stories, including Bridget's Nickelodeon and Cranium Games ventures. Tune in for practical insights on thriving in the realm of partnerships.

Featured in the Episode

Bridget Murphy

Entertainment and Retail Brands | Speaker I Thought Leader

Bridget’s LinkedIn:

Amy Vaughan,

Owner & Chief Empowerment Officer



  • Authentic Generosity and Relationship Building
  • Partnership Strategies and Marketing
  • Marketing Trends and Trust Building
  • Community Building and Networking
  • Evolution of Partnership Marketing
  • Successful Partnership Examples
  • Personal Influence on Business


”Recognizing priorities and resource allocation builds connections and shapes strategies.” – Bridget Murphy

”Know your target audience, connect with businesses, brands, or allies aligned with your vision.” – Bridget Murphy


00:00 – Introduction

01:42 – Exciting Journey: Disney to Envision

06:01 – Disney Partners with Bank for Kids' Financial Education

07:48 – Cranium's Success with Post Serial Partnership

11:00 – Motherhood: Priorities and Flexibility

19:10 – Misunderstood Demographic: TV Spot Research

21:07 – Building Envision: Flexibility, Family, Growth

24:05 – Networking, Fearlessness, Big Opportunities

32:07 – Brand Trust for Small Businesses

43:11 – Reciprocity in Relationships

56:18 – Corporate to Personal Branding

59:03 – Outro

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