Taking the Sleaze Out of Email Marketing | Yuval Ackerman, Ethical Email Strategist & Copywriter | Power Lounge S1E31

Do you want to create more authentic connections with your customers through email? Then you're going to want to tune into this.


We're going to cover the three main pillars of ethical marketing, and how can you implement those in your emails. We'll also help you understand email's better practices and how to implement them in your business. lastly, how Yuval's journalism job at 17 on a national radio station led her to become a business owner who does ethical email marketing.

Y ou will also learn:

  • How you can sell without being sleazy
  • Why email marketing is something you need to invest in
  • Why storytelling, consent, and transparency are the way to go


Yuval Ackerman is the person you want to work with when you want to promote your brand without all the possible sleazy sales tactics in the email marketing roam – but don’t know how to do it yourself.

As an ethical email strategist and copywriter, she helps entrepreneurs and companies tell their stories and sell without feeling guilty (and even having fun on the way!).

She believes that email is a wonderful platform to create real and honest connections with your audience while cutting the unreliable ”middleman” of social media.

When she's not thinking about witty and ethical ways to help her clients market themselves, Yuval enjoys anything food-related, songwriting, and hosts a conscious relationship podcast named ”Loving Against My Instincts”.

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