The Power of You | Dr. Margie Serrato, Transformational Speaker & Coach | Power Lounge S1E9

How to unlearn social and professional conditioning to unlock your one true self.


In order for us to be powerful and live powerfully, we must first understand who we are – and who we are not. That will guide us towards who we are meant to be, who we want to become, what we can let go of, and what we need to heal. Only then can we truly thrive.

You'll also takeaway:

  • That we are products of our conditioning–which we have to unlearn.
  • That our true self has been conditioned out of us–and we have to recover it.
  • That they are powerful–and claiming that power will make us whole.


Dr. Margie Serrato is a cultural expert on gender and nonconformity. She is profoundly against submitting to cultural norms and expectations about who we are supposed to be as individuals. She is a trained and Certified Professional Coach who focuses on liberation and empowerment with clients. Why this approach? Because in order to be the magnificent beings we are meant to be, we must free ourselves from everything that we are not–and, in doing so, make space to design and create the lives that we actually want for ourselves.

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