Unleashing The Prower of Brand Love | Lydia Michael | Power Lounge S2E15

Unleash the power of brand love with Lydia Michael, a dynamic entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and author.


As the founder of Blended Collective, a multicultural marketing and brand consultancy, Lydia Michael empowers companies and organizations to develop inclusive brands and impactful marketing strategies. With a wealth of experience collaborating with renowned brands like Deloitte and L'Oréal in Germany, Lydia's expertise has earned her numerous awards in diversity and marketing. In her groundbreaking book, ”Brand Love – Building Strong Consumer-Brand Connections,” Lydia unveils a transformative model that explores emotional and rational drivers, fostering enduring consumer-brand relationships.

Join Lydia in unlocking the secrets to brand loyalty, advocacy, and connection.


Lydia Michael is an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and author. She works with companies and organizations to develop inclusive brands and marketing strategies. She is the founder and owner of Blended Collective, a multicultural marketing and brand consultancy. Lydia’s work has been recognized with several diversity and marketing-centered awards. She leads virtual and in-person workshops and webinars and speaks to audiences about topics such as multicultural marketing, brand love, diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

In her first book ”Brand Love – Building Strong Consumer-Brand Connections”, Lydia breaks down the process of building emotionally strong, long-lasting consumer-brand relationships. Offering insight into the use of emotional and rational drivers, she introduces a “brand love” model designed to inspire brand loyalty and advocacy. The book is available on Amazon, and everywhere you can find books.

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