Permission to Thrive: Works Future | Tameka Vasquez | Power Lounge S3 E01

Dive into the future of work and leadership. Uncover insights on values, trust, and professional evolution in this empowering event.


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Embark on an introspective odyssey with Tamika Vasquez, mastermind behind the Future Quo, as we navigate the intricate weave of work, identity, and societal evolution. The transformation from journalism to tech industry maven has equipped Tamika with insights that challenge the very fabric of professional life. Our conversation traverses the generational shifts reshaping how we view our vocations, emphasizing the pursuit of intentional, positive changes over being swept up in the relentless tide of technological disruption.

Peeling back the layers of traditional workplace facades, this episode reveals how authenticity and a touch of softness can revolutionize office culture. We exchange thoughts with Tamika on the historical pursuit of efficiency at the sacrifice of the personal touch, and how embracing the full spectrum of human needs can lead to a more fertile ground for creativity and innovation. It's an invitation to reimagine the future of workspaces as nurturing environments that respect and champion the individual, making way for both personal and corporate growth.

As the conversation unfolds, we scrutinize the blending of remote work with our personal lives and its ramifications on future trends. Tamika shares her seasoned perspective on managing a decentralized team, highlighting the unparalleled genuineness and improved communication that can flourish in such settings. We also touch on the potential for a deeper integration between for-profit and non-profit realms, and how this synergy might shape societal outcomes. The dialogue culminates with a look at the importance of storytelling and co-creation in building a future that dares to defy the status quo. Join us for this revelatory session that will inspire you to envision and enact your part in the unfolding tapestry of the future of work.

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