New Owner. New Vision for a Bigger Impact for Women in Digital, Everywhere.

by The TogetherDigital Team

February 2, 2022

In January 2022, Amy Vaughan became sole owner of the networking organization Together Digital. Setting it apart from other member networking groups, Together Digital provides women in digital the opportunity to connect, ask for advice, give resources, and grow professionally and personally through a community that focuses on authenticity and empowerment.

Vaughan started her involvement as a founding member and City Champion of the Cincinnati, Ohio Chapter. After growing the chapter for three years, Founder, Alaina Shearer recruited Vaughan to lead the organization as CEO. In November of 2019, Vaughan accepted the role and Shearer stepped down to run for Congressional Office.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, Vaughan grew member content tenfold while overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business. Under her leadership, Together Digital scaled the focus from localized regional chapters with monthly meetups to a global community unrestricted by geographical location. Leveraging digital capabilities, members now have access to events and other members outside of their local chapters. Along with educational virtual events, there are also dedicated Peer Circles, mentorship opportunities, and regular small group sessions for Job-Seekers, Working Moms, entrepreneurs/solopreneurs and others. Members can also meet for a monthly book club and weekly virtual coffee chats or coworking sessions to break through the loneliness of remote work.

“The women in our industry are overworked, underpaid, and underrepresented. Here, they can choose to connect and look for solutions and solidarity among their peers in a safe place for learning and speaking openly. We are a community that is free of judgment and competition. The pandemic gave us the opportunity to expand with the broader acceptance of virtual options. Our members now connect across the country, which only increases the ability to find help when they need it,” says Vaughan.

And their members agree, as Austin-based Member and Director of Business Systems for Khoros, Deb de Freitas shares, “Together Digital is the most authentically helpful networking group I’ve been associated with. The members are kind and supportive, and my own peer circle kept me connected through the pandemic and we are closer than ever.”

Vaughan plans to continue the success in traditional and virtual ways, with the goal to positively impact the careers of 100,000 women in digital over the next year.

The TogetherDigital Team

Together Digital is a collective of influential women in digital who choose to share their knowledge, power, and purpose—making meaningful connections and deeper conversations happen. We are a safe space to speak about and seek out the changes we want to see in ourselves – and the world.

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