Beyond Happiness, A Satisfaction Revolution | Jennifer Guttman | S3 E16

Welcome to The Power Lounge, your go-to place for engaging conversations in the digital world. In today’s episode, join us as we deep dive into life satisfaction with our host Amy Vaughn and our special guest, renowned clinical psychologist Jennifer Guttman. Jennifer explores the theme ”Beyond Happiness: A Satisfaction Revolution,” revealing the keys to enduring contentment and strategies to navigate digital challenges.

Gain actionable advice on resilience, stress management, and fulfilling both personal and professional aspects of life. Don't miss out on this transformative conversation!

Featured in the Episode

Jennifer Guttman

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Author & Motivator

Jennifer’s LinkedIn

Amy Vaughan,

Owner & Chief Empowerment Officer



  • The Motivation Behind Life Satisfaction
  • Fundamentals of Happiness vs. Satisfaction
  • Techniques for Boosting Confidence
  • Addressing Misconceptions Surrounding Happiness
  • Practical Steps Toward Life Satisfaction
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Stress Management


”In high-pressure environments, steer clear of mental traps and focus on moving forward swiftly, leaving past conversations behind.” – Jennifer Guttman

“Embrace challenges, seek growth, and find validation within yourself, not from external sources.” – Jennifer Guttman


00:00 – Introduction

02:06 – Exploring Everlasting Satisfaction

04:20 – Pursuing Purpose and Innovation

10:19 – Techniques for Fast-Paced Success

11:58 – Overcoming Negativity Bias

16:32 – Authentic Choices for Fulfillment

24:55 – Decisions: Understanding the Guesswork

26:23 – Building Resilience and Assertiveness

34:05 – Managing Negative Feedback

48:06 – Balancing Priorities and Growth

50:45 – Embracing Success and Struggle

58:17 – Outro

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