Human Behavior Hacks for Marketers | Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer at HBT Marketing & Author | Power Lounge S2E3

We're going to talk about how behavioral science can make for effective marketing with book author, Nancy Harhut.


Behavioral scientists have proven people don’t really think about what they do. Instead, they react automatically — with hard-wired decision defaults that influence everything from what they read to when they buy. When you know how to prompt these defaults, you become a more effective marketer.


A sought-after speaker, Nancy’s known for her interesting and actionable insights that focus on the impact of behavioral science on marketing. She's wowed audiences in Sydney, London, Madrid, Berlin, and all over the US with her high-energy, example-jammed presentations.

The Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of HBT Marketing, Nancy’s been named a Social Top 50 Email Marketing Leader, Ad Club Top 100 Creative Influencer, and a Top 40 Digital Strategist. She and her teams have won over 200 awards for B2C and B2B marketing effectiveness, for clients such as Great-West Life, Sheraton, GM, UnitedHealthcare, and Dell. Check out her new book, “Using Behavioral Science in Marketing,” to discover how to drive customer action by prompting instinctive responses.

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