Human Giver Syndrome + Boundaries | Kay Coughlin, Business Coach at Facilitator on Fire | Power Lounge S1E32

Learn what Human Giver Syndrome is and how it affects women at work and in home life.


In this week's conversation with Business Coach, Kay Coughlin we're taking a look at Human Giver Syndrome and how it affects women at work and home life. We'll explore the connection between Human Giver Syndrome and impostor syndrome, i.e. that icky feeling we get about charging clients what we're worth, and why we feel the need to prove ourselves.

Finally, we'll share how boundaries can be the beginning of absolving yourself from Human Giver Syndrome.

Y ou will walk away understanding:

  • What Human Giver Syndrome is
  • Why every human is allowed to have boundaries
  • And, why you're not behind – it's OK to start right where you are!


Kay is a business coach and advocate for family caregivers. She's on a mission to help every human set boundaries and get some rest. Kay is the author of ”From One Caregiver to Another: Overcoming Your Emotional Grind,” and is the host of the ”From One Caregiver to Another” podcast. Everyone who happens to be human is invited to join Kay's free Boundaries Community. Kay is a business owner, family caregiver, wife, and mom. Links to everything can be found at

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