Making Your Career Work For You | Jamie Gier | Power Lounge S2E20

Learn from a trailblazing CMO on breaking barriers and achieving success as a single mom in the C-suite. Empower yourself for leadership.


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Shattering glass ceilings in male-dominated industries, Jamie Gier, a three-time CMO, shares her unique insights from her impressive journey. Her reflections on gender disparities, the internalized patriarchy, and the struggle for equality in the workforce are not only eye-opening but also invaluable for those seeking to navigate professional hurdles. Jamie's uncanny ability to strategize and build allies, foster relationships, and tackle gender challenges head-on are an inspiration for enduring resilience in the face of adversity.

The discussion takes a deep dive into the realm of the tech industry, where heightened gender disparities become more than just a black and white issue. Jamie's thoughts on creating an inclusive workplace, education, mentorship, and advocating for working parents form the crux of this enlightening segment. The emotionally taxing task of educating allies, the transformative impact of parenthood on empathy, and the need to dissolve communication barriers are just some of the many topics explored in this insightful discussion.

Lastly, we delve into the world of marketing strategies and storytelling's pivotal role in implementing societal changes. Jamie Geyer's expertise shines as she explains the significance of comprehending the buyer and market segmentation, and the profound impact of creativity in establishing a powerful brand presence. This episode ends on a high note with Jamie dispensing sound advice for executives on leadership, recruitment, and crucial task prioritization strategies. Join us in this riveting discussion, packed with striking insights and practical counsel for navigating your professional journey.

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