Own Your Time | Alejandra Marqués | Power Lounge S2 E31

Go beyond time management and OWN YOUR TIME. Learn how with our guest, Alejandra Marqués.


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Ever wondered why you're constantly battling the clock, despite having a well-managed schedule? Well, we sat down with Alejandra Marqués – a productivity and business specialist, strategist, best-selling author, and international speaker to gain her insights about not just managing, but owning your time. Alejandra unpacks her unique, flexible, and personalized time protocol, showing us how to maximize productivity and achieve that elusive work-life balance by truly owning our time.

As Alejandra points out, owning your time also means developing a mindset, where you're in control, not the clock. She shares tips on breaking free from damaging multitasking habits, embracing the Pomodoro method, and limiting your to-do list to a manageable three tasks. She also paints a vivid picture of the impact of energy styles on time management, emphasizing the importance of avoiding overbooking, breaking tasks into chunks, and taking time to recharge. We also venture into the often overlooked territory of setting boundaries and the power of saying no, reminding us that every yes also represents a no to something else.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as we explore Alejandra's concept of “evolution” in her time protocol and the need to continuously expand our comfort zones. Alejandra also enlightens us on the significance of defining success on our own terms and being prepared for life's inevitable changes. She leaves us with a powerful reminder to reclaim our time and prioritize self-care, truly a conversation that will transform the way you view and use your time. So, tune in to redefine your relationship with time and take control of your life.

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