The Evolution of PR | Tami Nealy | Power Lounge S2E23

Join us for an insightful event that delves into the evolving landscape of Public Relations and how it's so much more than a press release.


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Ready to embark on a PR journey with a seasoned pro? Join us as we chat with Tami Nealy, a corporate communications expert with a diverse career that's taken her from pro sports to influencer marketing. Tami brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for storytelling to the table. We uncover the evolving world of PR, from the traditional press release era to the emergence of social media, community relations, events, and reputation management.

As we delve into our conversation with Tami, we explore the indispensable power of building relationships and shaping company narratives. Drawing upon her wide-ranging experiences, Tammy stresses the importance of crystal clear intentions when pitching. Together, we decode strategies to establish trust and credibility and discuss measuring success in PR, unearthing how QR codes, promo codes, and other forms of attribution can track engagement and ROI.

Finally, we examine how customer service and PR can become an unbeatable duo for managing reputation and creating consistency. We'll guide you through strategies for aligning customer service scripts with a PR strategy that offers tangible results. Then, we venture into the intersection of PR, educational technology, and influencer marketing, and discover the importance of relationship building. So, are you ready to unleash the power of PR? Tune in and let Tami's insights inspire your journey.

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