The Now Of Work: Fostering Flexibility | Brea Starmer | Power Lounge S2 E24

We're discussing strategies for a more empowered and flexible future of work with the Founder and CEO of Lions & Tigers.


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Ready to decode the Great Resignation and its impact on women, communities of color, and caretakers? Let's explore, shall we? We sat down with Brea Starmer, founder and CEO of Lions and Tigers, to dissect the troubling trends in labor force participation and female labor economics that persist even as we see a shift towards independent work in the American and global economies.

Brea's insights revealed the powerful potential of blended work ecosystems – the convergence of independent and traditional workers – and its transformative implications for not only the economy but also business models. She walked us through the tangible benefits of non-permanent staffing and the significant advantages of harnessing intersectional identity strategies. We got a taste of her innovative organizational design framework, dubbed the three M's – magnets, momentums, and maximums, that can foster a culture of sustainability.

But that wasn't all. Brea emphasized on the urgent need for inclusivity and economic access in consulting, sharing her strategies to ensure diverse consulting talent thrives and the workplace promotes inclusivity. We ended our conversation on a powerful note, discussing how middle-level managers can effectively pitch a blended staffing model to C-suite leadership, the secret to protecting oneself from layoffs, and the critical role of trust in organizations. Embark on this journey with us to truly understand the changing dynamics of the workforce.

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