Unhiding to Expand DEI & Connection | Ruth Rathblott, MSW, Author of Single Handedly & Keynote Speaker | Power Lounge S2E5


Ruth Rathblott, MSW was born with a limb difference. In her compelling and intimate memoir, Singlehandedly, she recounts the exhausting and often lonely years she spent overachieving and trying to hide her disability before she learned to unhide. She takes us on a journey of self-discovery: discovering her difference, being taught to hide it, and ultimately finding self-acceptance and connection with others.

Some things you'll take away:

  • Own your difference—it’s your greatest gift!
  • Find connection and community by allowing others in to support you
  • Create inclusive conversations that allow for curiosity and empathy
  • Recognize why representation is essential to creating an inclusive environment
  • Realize the power of sharing your story


Ruth Rathblott, MSW is an expert on inclusion and diversity. She is a TEDx and inspirational speaker, bestselling author, and an award-winning former nonprofit leader. She was born with a limb difference and speaks to companies on issues of equity and belonging, the gifts of being unique, and the freedom of accepting your differences. Ruth was profiled as a CEO in The New York Times’ Corner Office and received Goucher College’s Excellence in Public Service Award, among other awards, for her outstanding leadership in the nonprofit sector. She has spent her entire career focused on providing opportunities for those who have been underrepresented. She serves as a board member of The Lucky Fin Project.

Connect with her at ruthrathblott.com.

Additional Resources

Ruth's Book: Singlehandedly. Learning to Unhide and Embrace Connection. https://geni.us/singlehandedly

TEDx: When I Stopped Hiding, I Found Freedom: https://youtu.be/9W3FtgvjC-4

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruth-rathblott/

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