Unspoken Realities of Gender Gap in STEM+ | Dr. D Sangeeta | Power Lounge S2 E22

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Imagine navigating the complex terrain of the STEM world, all while breaking barriers and empowering others along the way. Join your host in a riveting dialogue with the phenomenal Sangita, an industry powerhouse who has held executive roles at Amazon, GE, and Nielsen and is now at the helm of a tech startup, Gotara, aimed at closing the gender gap in STEM fields.

The narrative takes an intriguing twist as Sangita dissects the often-overlooked challenges in technical fields and the impact they have on career advancement. Through her lens, we uncover the concept of 'bro appropriation', gain insights on how the lack of appropriate training can hinder growth, and understand how little actions can trigger a domino effect of empowerment. Moreover, we address the rampant issue of female talent being driven out of tech companies, a serious concern that contributes to the widening gender gap.

Venture further into the conversation as we tackle gender inequality, feminism fatigue and the game-changing effects of fostering diversity. Sangita recounts her bold move of hiring talented women while leading a data science organization at Nielsen, a decision that significantly boosted her team's performance. Finally, we delve into the captivating world of Gotara's Nano Learning, a unique approach aimed at elevating women in STEM fields. Don't miss out on this insightful episode, overflowing with inspiring tales of success, practical advice, and a renewed call to action to bridge the gender gap in STEM.

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