Using the Power of Ubuntu | Clara Matonhodze-Strode, Founder & Consultant at The MCS Agency | Power Lounge S1E12

Learning and understanding cultural norms outside our own can be an effective and meaningful way to evolve our business and lives. 


In life and business, learning and understanding cultural norms outside our own can be an effective and meaningful way to expand upon your evolving company culture. The Pandemic has taught us some of this. 

For example, we will be discussing with cultural enthusiast Clara Matonhodze Strode the Concept of Ubuntu. Clara grew up in Ubuntu culture and had the lived experience of what Ubuntu systems and culture look like in society. Ubuntu principles operate from our human core, acknowledging and appreciating the dignity in each of us and how it makes us wiser and more robust. In Ubuntu culture, Justice is restorative, and contrary to popular belief, women are exalted as Mothers of humankind. Relationships are on the continuum of humanity, and society is on a journey of constant improvement, love, support, and encouragement.

Listeners will take away: 

  • The Principles of Ubuntu/hunhu in African Culture
  • How Ubuntu/hunhu can be applied in everyday life and business
  • Understand the African origins of Ubuntu/hunhu within public and private intellectual discussions and whether or not Hunhu/Ubuntu can compete with other philosophical world views.  


Clara Matonhodze Strode has been a Member of Together Digital for the past three years, Most recently serving as an Advisory Board Member. 

When she's not active in our community, she is the Founder of The MCS Agency, a digital marketing communications agency that helps clients clearly and effectively communicate their messages to the right audiences by using an integrated mix of tactics, strategies, and SAAS products. Clara proudly employs the principles of Ubuntu in her business. 

Before starting her own business, Clara worked at multiple organizations, including The Cincinnati Museum Center, where she directed Adult and Cultural lectures and large-scale festivals. Her roots run deep within the African Immigrant Community, where for years, she convened the Africa Foundation-USA Annual Symposium with Xavier University, bringing together leaders within the African Community. Clara is also a Co-Founder and ex-officio of the Pan-African group – APNET (African Professionals Network). Recently she received a leadership award from Global Diaspora One Voice Consortium. 

In true ubuntu fashion, Clara can be found assisting not only African causes but the Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Sister Cities International, where she serves as Secretary and was a key community partner for Cincinnati Compass. 

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