Your Career & Disrupting the Status “Bro” | Kt McBratney, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at OwnTrail | Power Lounge S1E20

Have you ever considered that maybe the ”right” path was a lie and never really meant for you? Let's discuss your career path in a new way. 

The status bro is everywhere. It tricks us into focusing on a mythical one ”right” path through life, instead of focusing on OUR path. It makes us feel like we're only as good as our resumes and social media. But so much is possible if we push back and claim our stories — and our power. 

You'll also learn: 

  • There's no one right path, just yours. 
  • We can all disrupt the status bro. 
  • You are more than your resume. 


Kt McBratney never really fit in. With a career path including marketing roles at a world-recognized zoo, higher education, indie film and all kinds of tech, they co-founded OwnTrail in 2020 to help everyone have the tools and connection to build a more fulfilling life. A marketer and brand-builder by profession, Kt is also a strategist, artist and writer obsessed with disrupting the status bro. Her love language? Book recommendations and Muppet references.

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