We are social creatures. We thrive on connection, and without it, we can feel lost, lonely, and unfulfilled. But recognizing it can be hard.

I know this all too well. While at the top of my game with the family, home, title, and salary I’d longed for a long time – I realized I’d left something important in pursuit of my success… connection. Even surrounded by others all day, it took me some time to realize that I was lonely. It wasn’t until I found my community with Together Digital did I realize what I was missing.

In our ambitious, fast-paced, and often remote industry, it’s all too easy to become disconnected from others.
Here are five signs that you might be lacking connection at work and in life:

1. You feel lonely, even when surrounded by people.

If you feel lonely, even when you’re surrounded by people, it’s a sign that you may be lacking meaningful connections in your life. This could be true in both your personal life and your professional life. It’s important to find ways to connect with others and build relationships that are based on shared interests and values.

2. You don’t have a support system.

Having a support system is a must for navigating the challenges and different stages of your life. Whether you’re a working mom, caretaker, childless by choice, reaching middle age, or striking out on your own – if you don’t have people in your life who you can turn to for support and guidance, it’s a sign that you may be lacking connection. This can lead to feelings of isolation and can make it even harder to cope with stress and difficult situations.

3. You’re not getting the feedback you need.

We need feedback for personal and professional growth. If you’re not getting the feedback you need from colleagues, friends, or family, it’s a sign that you may be lacking relationships that allow for radical candor. It’s important to build relationships where people feel comfortable giving you honest feedback and where you can trust and respect their opinions.

4. You’re not engaged at work.

If you’re not engaged at work, it’s a sign that you may be lacking connection with your colleagues and the work you’re doing. Feeling disconnected at work can lead to burnout and can make it harder to find meaning and purpose in your career.

5. You don’t have a sense of belonging.

Feeling like you belong is essential for feeling fulfilled in life. If you don’t have a sense of belonging in your personal or professional life, it’s a sign that you may be lacking connection. Building relationships with people who share your interests and values can help you feel more connected and give you a sense of belonging.

To quote author and researcher Brene Brown:

“When you get to a place where you understand that love and belonging, your worthiness, is a birthright and not something you have to earn, anything is possible.”

Do you find yourself saying yes to more than one of these? Then it’s time to take action to build meaningful connections. Whether it’s through joining a club, volunteering, or reaching out to colleagues or friends, there are so many ways to build connections and improve your overall well-being.

If you’re looking for a safe space to reconnect with like-minded women, join us at our Together Digital Roadshow happening this month, May 15th – 19th.

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Why Connection Matters for Womens Careers & Well-being

May 15 – Indianapolis, IN
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