In this conversation we will challenge the myth of a singular path, debunking stereotypes perpetuated by industry giants. Our seasoned speaker, drawing from 18 years in diverse corporate roles, shares insights on navigating the complexities of product management. Learn how to advocate for crucial resources, mentorship, and training, ensuring success in this pivotal role. Join us for an exploration into the nuanced transition from individual contributor to influential manager, with a focus on digital etiquette and transformative leadership practices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to glean wisdom from our expert speaker’s rich and varied experiences.


After 18 years in the corporate world, wearing various hats from project management, to clinical research associate, patient advocate engagement manager, product manager, people manager – I’m now on a wonderful and at times scary and lonely journey of embarking on my own. I am presently focused on providing coaching, facilitation and product management “priming” – helping teams and companies create the rigor and environment to truly benefit from a product management mindset. I also have a passion for helping individuals step into product management with open eyes, and from there how best to pivot into a management position – from doer to influencer. Not a given, and not something most companies manage to support very well. Finally, I love speaking with leaders and teaching them the importance of intentionally focusing on digital etiquette and training on tools for their employees. It’s fascinating to see how teams and organizations transform (for the better!) when this is at the heart of company values.

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What does boil the ocean mean?

What is the product life cycle?

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Swipe to Unlock – Mehta Agashe

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Essentialism – Mark McKeown

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Radical Candor

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  • Customer-Centric Leadership and Authenticity
  • Women in Digital and Product Management Challenges
  • Prioritization Strategies and Reflections
  • Transitioning to Product Management: Advice and Strategies
  • AI vs. Human Empathy in Product Management
  • Role Confusion in Companies and Tactical Leadership
  • Workplace Empowerment and Inclusivity


“Being an authentic ally is transformative. Speaking up for others shapes lasting leadership.” – Ksenia Boyer

“Digital etiquette means setting boundaries and educating on best practices to foster a respectful online environment.” – Ksenia Boyer

Featured in the Episode

Ksenia Boyer

Consulting, Independent Consultant & Facilitator



Amy Vaughan

Owner & Chief Empowerment Officer



00:00 – Introduction

Embracing Rest, Shifting to Healthcare Innovation

00:17 – Exploring New Skills in Startup Environment

07:41 – Reflecting on Leadership, Allyship, and Technical Support

13:00 – Unlocking the Power of “Because” in Language

15:45 – Women’s Impact in Technology Leadership, Nurturing Confidence

19:39 – Tech Interview Humility and Skill Balance

21:30 – Passion for Product Management in Varied Industries

25:32 – Delving into Product Management’s Significance and Challenges

29:00 – LinkedIn Thought Leaders for Professional Growth

33:26 – Team Dynamics, Agile Development, and Vision Setting

34:30 – Key Factors in Design and Tool Selection

39:20 – Job Search Insights and Reflective Journey

43:31 – Cultivating Innovation in Product Management Roles

47:28 – Navigating Digital Etiquette in Communication Platforms

51:22 – Mentorship’s Role in Strategic Refinement

53:02 – The Three C’s: Collaborate, Communicate, Create Safe Spaces

55:50 – Prioritization Techniques for Effective Task Management

59:40 – Outro

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