Purpose Jobs Recognizes Amy Vaughan as a Top Purpose-Driven CEO in 2023

Detroit, MI – Purpose Jobs, the largest community of purpose-driven professionals, today announced Amy Vaughan to its list of best purpose-driven CEOs in 2023.

These CEOs were nominated and selected based on the following criteria: communication and transparency, strategy and vision, high EQ and empathy, high integrity, and commitment to purpose-driven leadership.

“I am humbled to be included in Purpose Jobs’ list of the Best Purpose-Driven CEOs in 2023,” said Amy Vaughan, CEO of Together Digital. “As a CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer), I understand that I have the opportunity to make an impact to help women in digital grow while feeling seen, heard, supported, and valued in an industry and economy where they might feel otherwise.”

More than ever are people seeking purpose-driven leadership. Coming off of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a seismic shift in how people think about work, more and more people prioritize purpose in their work experiences.

According to Gartner, 82% of employees in 2023 say it’s important for their organization to see them as a person, not just an employee. Job seekers and current employees want to bring their authentic selves to work, including their purpose and values.

“As a CEO, there’s a great responsibility to lead the company in one direction or another. The ones who lead with purpose find higher talent retention rates, better business outcomes, and higher satisfaction,” said Ryan Landau, founder and CEO of Purpose Jobs. “The future of work is purpose-driven, and these CEOs are amazing examples of how powerful that kind of leadership is.”

For more information and to see the full list of recipients, visit https://www.purpose.jobs/blog/best-purpose-driven-ceos