Welcome to another edition of Meet Her, an initiative designed to help you get to know your fellow members and learn how they’re leveraging their Together Digital membership to improve their careers and lives.

(Hint: It’s okay to follow in her footsteps, reach out with questions, or build off what she’s done.)

Shawna Ramsey

Detroit Together Digital
Senior Account Director at Merkle, Inc.

Shawna Ramsey

What she does at her job:

Merkle is a leading technology-enabled, data-driven performance marketing agency that specializes in delivery of unique, personalized customer experiences across platforms and devices. I work within the Promotion and Loyalty Solutions division, which is focused on deepening consumer relationships to elicit emotion, generate data and reward consumer behavior.

As a Senior Account Director, it is my privilege to provide CPG and Retail clients with long-term strategic value and customer service by offering them solutions that fit their specific business needs.

Advice she has to women aspiring to get where she is in her career:

My career journey wasn’t a straight path. I left the industry for a while in order to pursue an entirely different career in the healthcare field (as a registered nurse).

It’s important to embrace the opportunity to explore different areas of interest and not be obsessed with moving up the corporate ladder. You can explore and do anything that you want to do – success and satisfaction come in many different forms.

How she’s leveraging her membership to improve her career & life:

It’s interesting because I can’t imagine my life without Together Digital.

There are points in life that looking back seem just like an every day occurrence, but actually create life-changing impacts. That is how I reflect on the afternoon that I attended a Detroit information session that Alaina Shearer hosted on her 2017 road show to start new chapters across the nation. I answered the call to start something new and gained a whole network of women that have my back no matter what.

From my membership, I’ve been referred to amazing job opportunities, coached on salary negotiation, and found mentors & new friends. You can’t put a value on that – it’s absolutely priceless.

In 2020, I was able to joined a fellow member on her Live social video streaming to discuss how introverts can rock at networking. Watch it below:

Favorite Slack channel:

#wins and #books-pod-articles

Personal interests & hobbies:

With two little ones at home, it’s hard to find the time to carve out for self-interests. With that said, I try to find small windows of times to treat myself.

I treasure grabbing a coffee or glass of wine with a close friend to catch up. Reading and listening to podcasts are a personal obsession – those are activities that can occur in 10 – 15 min increments. I’m also a serial learner – friends like to joke that I gather diplomas and certificates like others obsess over collectibles or hobbies.