Walk Toward Resilience

As we all work to become more resilient –– I begin to wonder what that looks like. And what I’ve learned from my amazing community at Together Digital is that it starts within us.

HuffPost Features Together Digital CEO, Amy Vaughan

Did you know? Prior to Together Digital, our CEO, Amy, was a passionate creative leader and award-winning Creative Director, creating compelling and effective digital and video content for brands like […]

Cincinnati Together Digital February Meetup: Affin

Join us in February for an incredible panel of women making work culture impacts with affinity groups. Cincinnati Together Digital February Meeting: Affinity Groups @Work More people are starting affinity […]

Amy Vaughan (HQ / Cincinnati)

Get to know your fellow members and learn how they’re leveraging their Together Digital membership to improve their careers and lives.

Dear Cincinnati,

There’s so much I left out yesterday. So, I feel a letter is in order. You left Michelle and I completely invigorated and neither one of us could sleep last night […]