Tavo’s Perspective: Elevate Conference 2023

Cincinnati recently played host to the much-anticipated Elevate Conference by Together in Digital, and I had the privilege to attend, alongside my colleagues Katie Fegen and Lindsay Timperman. Representing the TAVO Team, our primary aim was to immerse ourselves in the digital community, gain new insights, and channel them to refine the solutions we offer our clients.

The conference opened with a poignant “Ask and Give” session led by Amy Vaughan. This segment, which allowed attendees to voice their questions and share insights, set the tone for the day and emphasized the value of open dialogue.

Then came Phillitia Charlton,who spoke passionately about the future of women. As she stood there, her presence was both empowering and inspiring. Through tales of overcoming a literal tornado to stories of her career shifts, Phillitia’s journey had many rivets. She touched on themes such as emotional wellness, resilience, the storms in one’s life, the dangers of over-functioning, and the need for genuine introspection when seeking advice. One of the most profound moments was when Phillitia, after an intense and deep segment of her speech, pronounced, “We are not waiting for the perfect moment, we are creating the perfect moment.” It was a testament to her belief in proactive action and creating one’s destiny.

The conference’s structure allowed for a seamless flow from keynotes to smaller, focused group discussions. These breakout sessions enabled me to connect with individuals from various spheres—some even parallel to mine. The discussions ranged from industry trends to brand evolution aspirations, offering a deeper understanding of the current digital landscape.

A highlight of the event was the panel discussion on AI Effect in the business world.

AI’s significant growth since the advent of platforms like Chat GPT was evident. Helen Todd’s introduction of her AI was nothing short of futuristic. Her digital twin, mirroring her tone and demeanor, remarked, “Did you know that the digital avatar market is projected to hit $270 billion by 2030?” Such insights underscored the accelerating pace of AI integration in various sectors.

Katie from Narratize delved into AI’s potential hallucinations and their implications across domains like science and healthcare. An undercurrent in this session was the ethical considerations of AI—from content ownership to the nuances of user agreements, aptly highlighted by Reejade Richmond, Betsy Stokes, and Shruti Hedge.

Next, the focus shifted to self-advocacy—

a topic of utmost relevance, especially in an all-female conference. Beth Menduni, Stacy Kessler, Tracey Ireland, Tarita Preston, and Kendra Ramirez took the stage. Their collective experiences painted a landscape of challenges, missteps, and triumphant turnarounds. The recurring theme? The power and necessity of advocating for oneself. The standout quote from this panel was undeniable, “THIS DOESN’T WORK FOR ME”. It was more than a statement—it was a declaration of self-worth and boundaries.

As the sessions neared conclusion, the spotlight turned to the “GenAI Storytelling Workshop” with Katie Trauth Taylor. Narratize’s approach to addressing the storytelling gap in the AI market left a lasting impression. A live demo where a participant pitched a ‘resort night on the moon’ showcased the potential of the tool.In reflection, the Elevate Conference 2023 was a transformative experience. 

For any woman in the digital domain looking to broaden her horizons and network with industry leaders, I highly recommend checking out Together in Digital’s upcoming conferences.

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