It’s that time of year. No, I’m not talking about the holidays. Something way more exciting. It’s time to purchase a new planner for the new year!

That’s right—our annual planners have been exhausted and need to be replaced for the upcoming year… but which one should we use?

The Together Digital community is full of business owners, project managers, and many other driven, goal-setting, productive individuals that have used and abused planners over the years.

Here are our 8 favorite ones recommended by our members:

1. BestSelf co. – Self Journal

BestSelf Co Journal

Trying to be better at setting and keeping your goals? The Self Journal by BestSelf might be the planner for you. Their 13-week goal planner, backed by science and success psychology, is designed to optimize your day, tackle your goals, and live a more fulfilled life. The Self Journal will help you:

  • Set, plan and track progress towards your biggest goals
  • Be more productive, overcome decision fatigue and focus on what matters most
  • Prioritize your workload, build good habits and make every day count

2. Passion Planner – Undated Planners

Along the same lines, but with a bit more room for creativity, check out the paper planners from Passion Planner.

Love that this is woman owned and they give one to someone in need for every one purchased, and I adore the beautiful covers.  Esthetically this is my favorite planner & like that they also have downloadable sheets you can test out free and a digital version.

– Deb de Freitas, Director of Business Systems for Khoros

Want to be green with it? Passion Planner offers a digital version compatible with: ZoomNotes, Noteshelf, Notability, Drawboard, Xodo, and most PDF readers; and has the ability to sync across all Apple devices and most Android devices (devices need to be iOS 12 or Androids v6 and higher).

3. Cultivate What Matters – PowerSheets® Planner

Cultivate Planner

Another goal focused planner, Cultivate What Matter’s PowerSheets® help you set, plan, and track progress toward the goals that matter most to you, no matter how big or small. This planner included exercises to help you plan where to focus your efforts, and reflect on and evaluate what you’ve done on a quarterly basis.

4. Rad & Happy

Rad and Happy Planners

Looking for bad puns, relatable & ridiculous quotes, and/or fun doodles in your planner? Check out Rad & Happy’s planners. Rad & Happy is a design and lifestyle brand that’s full of rad design that makes your heart happy, magical late night Target runs, laughing out loud, a deep rooted love for dry shampoo, and lots of black and white goodness.

5. Planner Pads

Wear more than one hat? Planner Pads is a single organizing tool that balances all of your goals and activities 7 days a week. It works like a funnel to find priorities, organize work flow, and plan personal activities. Their organizer uses the proven “funnel effect.” A method that has users categorize, prioritize, and then schedule what needs to be done and when.

This one is great for a GTD (Getting Things Done) style task management and has a really unique weekly system that is great for keeping up with different roles or different types of tasks. For me it worked well for planning tasks, along with actually keeping my calendar digitally.  My husband still uses this one to manage his business and has reordered for more than a decade.

– Deb de Freitas, Director of Business Systems for Khoros

6. Garden24 – 12 Month Planner

Garden24 Planner

Are you a fan of Morgan Harper Nichols? Morgan is a mix-media artist and designer whose work can be found at Target, Anthropologie and Athleta. She also happens to have an online store, Garden24, with a 12 month planner. The planner includes journaling sections, stickers, along with weekly and daily planning slots. Each month features a new piece of art, to help inspire the planning for the season.

7. RocketBook – Fusion

If you’re not a consistent calendar user, but make a bunch of lists or take loads of notes, check out RocketBook’s reuseable planners.

I used to fill notebook after notebook of check lists and meeting notes, only to never look at them again. Or go through stints where I needed to plan a busy month, and then not touch my planner after. The RocketBook Fusion is great for me. The fact that I can write notes and plan months, digitize them using the app (if I need to reference them later), and then erase and reuse the pages appeases my greener side, while indulging my need to write things down.

– Julianna Kuetemeyer, 3Point Perspective

The synthetic paper allows you to write smoothly with a Pilot FriXion pen, then magically wipe clean with a damp cloth to reuse again and again! Use the Rocketbook app to send your notes, plans, lists, and big ideas to the cloud for proper organization. Then, erase and reuse your notebook.

8. Plum Paper

Plum Paper customized planner

For those who know exactly what they need and want out of a planner, and can’t find one that matches it exactly, maybe it’s time to make it using Plum Paper. Their customizable planners allow for you to choose your layout & size, cover page design (select from predesigned covers and personalize), holidays & events to include, and which month you’d like it to start (great for those who follow a school year calendar).

There you have it; our 8 battle tested planners for the new year. Get organized, hit those goals, and continue to grow into who you’re suppose to be.

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